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Assault Lawyer Defending Clients In Champlin And Minneapolis

Assault does not always mean physical harm or injury. Even threatening to hurt someone, if it seems immediate and serious, can be considered assault. Assault charges can carry severe consequences, from fines and probation to potential jail time. That is why you need an experienced assault lawyer on your side, fighting to protect your rights and freedom.

Michael G. Martin, the criminal defense attorney at the MGM Law Office, offers personalized defense strategies to people facing assault allegations in Champlin and Minneapolis. Remember, an accusation is not a conviction, and a knowledgeable assault attorney can give you the support and guidance you need throughout the criminal defense process.

Aggressive Defense Against All Type Of Assault Charges

Minnesota law recognizes various levels of assault, each with different potential consequences. At the MGM Law Office, skilled assault lawyer Michael G. Martin has represented clients against all types of assault charges, including:

  • Second-degree assault (inflicting substantial bodily harm)
  • Third-degree assault (assaulting a minor or causing substantial bodily harm)
  • Fourth-degree assault (inflicting bodily harm or assaulting a peace officer)
  • Fifth-degree assault (intentionally causing fear of bodily harm or physical contact)
  • Domestic assault (assault against a family/household member)
  • Terroristic threats (threats of violence with intent to terrorize)

Mr. Martin is also an experienced domestic assault lawyer who has successfully defended clients throughout Minneapolis and Champlin. Regardless of the specific charge, Mr. Martin will thoroughly investigate the evidence, challenge the prosecution’s case and fight to protect your future.

Talk To An Assault Attorney Today

Do not let assault charges define your future. Get the legal guidance and aggressive representation you deserve from a seasoned Minneapolis assault lawyer. Contact the MGM Law Office today at 612-474-5568 for a free, confidential consultation. You can also reach out to the firm online through the contact form.