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Protecting Your Rights After A DWI/DUI Arrest

Have you been charged or do you believe you will be charged with Driving While Intoxicated/Impaired (DWI) and/or Driving Under the Influence (DUI)? Each DWI/DUI case is unique – no two set of facts are the same. It is important that you fully understand your unique situation and your rights.

MGM Law Office is prepared to assist you in understanding the charges against you and your options. If you have or will be charged with DWI/DUI, you need someone who will fight for you. Contact MGM Law Office today for a free consultation at 612-474-5568 or submit an inquiry online here.

Understanding The Difference Between DWI And DUI

In the state of Minnesota, a person can be charged with DWI and/or DUI. A charge of DWI means you have been accused of operating a motor vehicle at or above a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08. A charge of DUI means you have been accused of your ability to safely operate a motor vehicle on a roadway has been impaired by alcohol, drugs, or some other controlled substance. Minnesota law states that by holding a Minnesota driver’s license and being in control of a motor vehicle, you have automatically given your consent, or your consent is implied, to provide either a blood, breath, or urine sample to evaluate your blood alcohol concentration, upon a valid request from law enforcement. If the request is a valid and you refuse to provide either blood, breath, or urine, then you could be charged with a serious crime for merely refusing to submit to the test.

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