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Preserving Your Rights In Child Custody And Parenting Time (Visitation) Cases

Defining parental rights is often a stressful matter for everyone involved. As parents, children are a major part of our lives, and the issues involved with their well-being are essential. It is important that you fully understand the relevant issues to your unique situation and your rights.

At MGM Law Office, attorney Michael G. Martin is prepared to assist you in understanding the complexities of determining custody rights and your options. If you find yourself in need of establishing or defining custody rights, you will require someone who will take the time to usher you through the process and advocate for you. Mr. Martin knows how challenging and emotional custody cases can be. He will use his more than 10 years of family law experience when helping you reach a resolution to your situation.

Your Custody Case

There are many different arrangements that can be made in a custody case. It is important that your arrangement be in the children’s best interests at all times. When determining how to handle the custody division, parents should consider both physical and legal custody as well as sole and joint custody:

  • Physical custody refers to the time that the child physically spends with a parent. This commonly involves with whom the child will reside.
  • Legal custody refers to the decision-making capacities of each parent. Many parents share this capacity.
  • Joint custody means that custody, either legal or physical, is shared between the parents.
  • Sole custody means that only one parent has access to and makes decisions for the child. If one parent has sole custody, the other parent sometimes has visitation rights.

When approaching your case, Mr. Martin will review the entire situation and your goals to determine the best way in which to handle the custody and visitation arrangements.

Talk To A Knowledgeable Lawyer

The approach to each case is as unique as the issues and parties involved. Contact MGM Law Office today for a free initial consultation. You can call the firm at 612-474-5568 or email Mr. Martin to learn more.