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A Skilled Drug Crimes Lawyer In Minneapolis And Champlin

Drug crimes encompass a range of offenses, from possession and distribution to manufacturing and trafficking, each potentially affecting your future in a negative way. At MGM Law Office, Michael G. Martin is not just a drug crimes lawyer; he is your experienced criminal defense attorney. He provides knowledgeable defense strategies for people in Minneapolis and Champlin who are fighting for their future against allegations of drug offenses.

With an in-depth understanding of state and federal drug laws, Mr. Martin takes criminal defense cases involving controlled substances, prescription medications and illegal narcotics. Whether you are facing charges for a small amount of a controlled substance or you are implicated in a more extensive distribution network, he can give you the skilled legal representation you need.

Factors That Influence Drug Charges

In Minneapolis, drug offenses can be charged as petty misdemeanors, misdemeanors, gross misdemeanors or felonies depending on factors such as:

  • Type and amount of drug involved
  • Intent to sell or distribute
  • Presence of drug manufacturing operations
  • Prior drug convictions

Even a minor drug charge can result in hefty fines, probation or jail time. Felony drug convictions carry the potential for lengthy prison sentences and a permanent criminal record.

Defense Strategies To Fight Drug Charges

As a seasoned drug crimes attorney, Mr. Martin aims to mitigate the penalties for the charges against you. He will seek a complete dismissal of the case if your rights have been violated in any way. He utilizes proven defense strategies to challenge drug crime cases, including:

  • Suppressing illegally obtained evidence
  • Challenging searches and seizures
  • Arguing for dismissal due to lack of evidence
  • Taking cases to trial when necessary to pursue an acquittal

He methodically investigates the facts and circumstances surrounding each case before building a defense.

Free Consultation From A Skilled Drug Crimes Lawyer

A conviction for drug charges in Minnesota can completely alter your life. With Mr. Martin in your corner, you have a determined drug crimes attorney ready to defend and advocate for you. Schedule a free consultation with him today at 612-474-5568. Alternatively, you can reach out to him online.